Qingdao Chen Wei Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    ●Professional development of nonwoven machinery and products
    ●Around 20 years history in nonwoven industry
    ●The plant area total around 26000㎡
    ●The groups included:
    ◇Nonwoven engineering technology research and development center
    ◇Nonwoven machinery manufacturing company
    ●Main products included(complete sets of production line):
    ◇Needle punching
    ◇Thermal bonding
    ◇Chemical bonding
    ◇Deep processing machines
    ◇Other Non-standard Nonwoven machinery
    ●Feature of CHENWEI Products:
    ◇High Efficiency
    ◇High Performance
    ◇High Cost-Effective
    ◇With experimental research and development production sales of a complete set of solutions
    ◇CE Certificates
    ●Export countries:
    ◇Southeast European countries such as Serbia, Romania
    ◇Middle East countries such as Egypt ,Iran,,Turkey
    ◇Central Asian countries such as Uzbekistan